We can all learn from Trump … really

Let me sheet my colors to the mast: I don’t like Donald Trump. I think he is bad for the United States and bad for the world.  Not a day goes by when I don’t shake my head in wonder and to paraphrase the 70’s alternative rock band, Talking Heads, ‘how did we get here?’

But for now it’s beside the point, because regardless of what we think about “The Donald” the plain truth is: he is a master communicator. Why …

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If Springsteen were a farmer


Bruce Springsteen’s song catalogue, which numbers in the hundreds, chart’s the life of the ordinary man – ‘This Hard Land’, ‘Thunder Road, ‘Badlands’, ‘My Hometown’, ‘Waitin’ on a Sunny Day’, ‘Tougher than the rest’, ‘Walk like a man’, ‘The River’, ‘Better Days’, ‘Land of Hope and Dreams’ … the list goes on. Springsteen tells stories of ordinary people and it is to this that we connect. And through connection, he can often deliver a powerful message.

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